• Birth Month Flowers

    Dainty wood flowers available for each birth month to build a gorgeous bouquet symbolizing loved ones!

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  • Wildflowers - 12 Piece Set

    12 dainty pieces of wood flowers and leaves that can be mixed and matched to make a gorgeous bouquet!

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  • 12 oz Water Bottles

    Are best selling product line! These 12 oz water bottles are perfect for kids of all ages and are available in so many different design options!

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  • 20 oz Sport Top Tumblers

    20 oz tumbler with both a sport top (like a water bottle spout with handle!) and a traditional tumbler lid

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  • 32 oz Water Bottles

    32 oz water bottles insulated and with a straw!

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Welcome Friends!

Welcome to LB Personalized Design - Your Haven for Personalized Drinkware, Gifts & More!

At LB Personalized Design, we craft more than just drinkware; we create cherished moments. Dive into a world of customization where every sip tells a story. Our extensive collection features a variety of personalized drinkware, but our pride and joy lie in our best-selling personalized water bottles for kids.

Why choose LB Personalized Design? Because our quality is unmatched, our designs are limitless, and every product is both mom approved and kid approved. We believe that staying hydrated should be a delightful experience for the whole family, and our personalized water bottles make that possible.

Explore our treasure trove of over 100 design options, ensuring that there's a perfect bottle for every personality and occasion. But the fun doesn't stop there! We're always ready for custom orders, allowing you to bring your unique ideas to life.

At LB Personalized Design, we thrive on the joy our products bring. We value the voices of our customers and encourage you to reach out. Share your thoughts, ideas, or even your own personalized creations with us. We love hearing from you!

Cheers to making hydration an adventure and turning every sip into a memory. Welcome to LB Personalized Design, where every drink is as unique as you are.

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